2016 Officers                            Click on name to send E-mail

President: Mark Speers                                    mark@safegopilotcar.com

Vice  President North: Wes Askins          aepilotcar@aol.com

Vice President South: Norman Price        jetracer138@gmail.com

Treasurer : Gerald Fatten                                  Fattens@prodigy.net

Secretary: Pam Fatten                 

Board of Directors :


Tom Clark -       North                                      tdclark5353@yahoo.com

Don Hacket -     North                                       trailsend@garlic.com
Bill Elliott   -    South                                      wdandsuzy@yahoo.com
Parry Smith -     South  
Tom Mavity -     South                                       dontomiose@gmail.com

Terry Kox     -     South                                       alpcs1@gmail.com

Grady Rodney -  South                                      abpilots@hotmail.com

The CPCA is a non - profit organization that promotes the education,training and networking relationships for professional escort car operator companies. Our organization works with government entities across the United states that govern professional pilot car owner - operators.

We are a lobbing body that communicates with various state governments that make the rules,regulations and create the equipment and procedural  requirements for pilot cars owner-operators from state to stat.
Our ultimate goal is to make all these requirements uniform across the United States

Please be patient we are making a lot of changes to the CPCA web site and the Association.

In the process of making the changes our former Treasure Ralph Wilson passed away .

Our condolences to his family .

He will be missed by all.

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California Pilot Car Association

Our E-mail Address is:   Capilotcar@gmail.com

PO Box 5084
Riverside, CA 92517