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The CPECA is a non-profit organization that promotes the education, training and networking relationships for professional escort car owner operator companies.  Our organization works with government entities across the United States that govern professional pilot car owner-operators.

We are a lobbying body that communicates with various state governments that make the rules, regulations, and create the equipment and procedural requirements for pilot car owner-operators from state to state. 
Our ultimate goal is to make all of these requirements uniform across the United States.

Please click on the link below to watch a short video describing what we do. 

This video is published by the
     NPCSI  (National Pilot Car Safety Institute)    called:

"Respect the Amber Lights"
Southern California:
Terry Kox- President,  Rick Hill-Vice President, 
Mark Speers- Secretary,  Ralph Wilson- Treasurer
Board Members: Perry Smith, Richard Lindgren, Damon Curry

Northern California: 
Tom Clark-Vice President
Board Members:  Mike Byron, Ray Ragsdale

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