The following companies and brokers have not paid our associates for professional pilot escort services rendered.  The California Pilot Car Association DOES NOT RECOMMEND doing business with the following organizations until their past due owed amounts are paid in full.

Name:                               Amount Owed        Past Due      Litigation Pending

Hard Rock Heavy Haul         $165,000.00         9-20-11         Judgement Against Defendant
Hattiesburg, MS                                                                  in favor of Amber Light Pilot Car
                                                                                          In collections now

American Permits & Pilots   $1,153.85              3-7-12          Judgement Against Defendant
Riverside, CA                                                                      in favor of Damon's Pilot Service
                                                                                          Bank Levy- Riverside Co Sheriff here.

Contractors Cargo Company Inc                                        Judgement Against Defendant

Compton,CA   $1642.00                           7/29/2016             in favor of Richard Weil

  Case  # SMC BS 1601281                                                 Superior Court of California of San Bernardino

This Judgement has been satisfied 

San Diego Boat Movers

A lawsuit is pending against San Diego Boat Movers

for none payment for Pilot Car Services

​​    CAlifornia Pilot Car Association


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